Career Strategy is any behavior, activity, or experience designed to help a person meet professional goals. Career strategy represents a conscious choice by an individual as to the type of investment he or she is willing to make in attempting to reach professional success.This whole experience can be a very intensive process and you may feel like you have a full time job. Additionally it can be a great deal of pressure but the collaborative process ensures effective management and adjustments are made when necessary to ensure your achievement.

During this process, the client and the consultant need to be a cohesive and collaborative team. This process is to evolve your professional path, to educate you, to change your ineffective practices & behaviors, as well as shift your mindset. Furthermore, you will grow because of a combined and customized approach that will give you new strategies, tools and techniques from behavioral science, marketing, development, communications, sales and strategic planning, along with assigned tasks or homework, enabling you to obtain your goal for professional change.

Lastly you should feel discomfort because this brings engagement and change. Growth feels awkward and to grow, you have to embrace the discomfort. Remember, you are not alone and your best interests and your agenda are at the core of the plan. 



Are you coming in with a proactive mindset? Feel like you have ideas but no clear strategies? Do you need just a little support to get to the next career change? Or are you in need of a community to help moticate you?

We work virtually or in person. For the person with a job but wanting to change, we provide evenings and weekend times. For the unemployed person, we provide a daily community of people(cohort) experiencing your struggles, regular one on one, private work sessions and accountability to create forward motion. We accept no more than 6 people per cohort.

Predesigned Package options are tailored to focus on specific deliverables and are accomplished over a shorter period of time.

Custom solutions are developed specifically for a single client and accommodate the particular goals, obstacles, preferences and expectations of that client. Custom solutions may be developed in an iterative processes, allowing all nuances and possible hidden risks to be taken into account, including issues which were not mentioned in the original intake interview.

Everything in this process is collaborative, even the proposal. Often clients build an option, mixing and matching from each project plan and time line to build their ultimate selection. Once the option is confirmed, an invoice is sent to solidify the intent to work together, while the final contract is completed.

If you receive the proposal and decide to not pursue the work, an invoice of $250 will be sent to you to cover the 4 hours spent in proposal review and the time building the proposal. Authorization and Receipt: Payment is always secured through PayPal, for which you will receive an electronic receipt.


WHAT Can I EXPECT from a Career Strategist?

You will be uncomfortable because to create change it is necessary for you to be uncomfortable. You will be heard, respected and given the leadership necessary to ensure your evolution. Your strategist is a solution provider ensuring you are learning new tools, solutions and tools to evolve through your communications obstacles and evolve your professional toolbox. Your strategist is a sounding board to offer different perspectives, an expert to assist in setting goals, planning and strategizing, as well as an advisor that will trust you to make your own decisions but will present a supportive and positive push when needed. Should you want to provide an NDA, due to privacy concerns regarding any discussions about your past employers, we are happy to sign.



Every person is different and their path to change should reflect that. The JobssNow proprietary process, D.O.T.S. (Defining Opportunity Through Strategy) is the proprietary process developed by combining techniques and tools from change management and behavioral science, sales, marketing, communications, professional development and project management to ensure our clients can be successful. Also dynamic work design strategies are necessary to manage both physical and intellectual work. And lastly S.M.A.R.T. (Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time-based) frameworks ensure goals are achieved through this comprehensive approach and are utilized in the project plans. Combined this ensures clarity, a roadmap and support needed to evolve professionally.

In order to facilitate change, this process will make you uncomfortable, so it is understandable that moments of struggle will exist. That is why support and a plan are essential. Complete attention and focus will be on you, as this is known to be an emotional process. Additionally this is an entirely collaborative process, your success is reliant upon our working in tandem, as well as honest, consistent and positive communications.

I am ready, & I want a strategic plan! What is the first step?


To ensure we start from your actual challenge point versus the perceived point, an intake interview is conducted to allow us to identify and assess your goals, obstacles and strengths. To schedule an intake interview, complete this form. The time will be scheduled and you will receive an email with a link to your invoice in PayPal. Payment must be made to ensure your intake appt is confirmed. Until payment is made the time is considered open and available. When preparing for the Intake: be completely truthful with yourself, willing to stretch beyond your current comfort zone. Be on time. Lastly, have fun and enjoy the process.

After the intake interview, a comprehensive custom proposal or strategic plan is sent to you. We then discuss and review the proposal together, so you can share your thoughts and preferences regarding solutions, cost and strategies, to create a revised proposal that works best for you.