Are you coming to us with a proactive mindset? Feel like you have ideas but no clear strategies? Do you need just a little support to get to the next career change?

You can find the package options tailored for your situation below, or we’d be happy to create a custom solution that fits your needs.

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Job Seeker

University STUDENT/ Graduate



job seeker

Has your job search went from weeks to months? Have a job but want more? Were you surprised by a lay off or firing? Were you referred by one of our community members at MIT, CIC or NEU? Let’s chat about options and if cost is a concern, we can offer sliding scale estimates based on income.

Options to start; pick a package, choose a one hour consult or join us for a free workshop.

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University STUDENT/Graduate

Graduating without a job? Struggling to find an internship? Do you know how to build a path for your career? Were you referred by one of our connections in Higher Ed, like NEU or MIT? You have questions. We have answers and a special rate for you.

Options to start; the 5 session package to give you custom support, a one hour consult or join us for a free workshop.


Military / veteran

Out of respect for your first career choice and respect for the challenge it can be to evolve into the next, we offer reduced rates and differed payments to veterans or active military,

Options to start; A Hot Topic conversation(s), the Advisory package to give you more support, a one hour consult or come by to join us for the free Job Seekers Toolkit, on Mondays.


If you decided it is time to work with JobssNow, schedule an intake interview. This session lasts for 1-2 hours and will lead to your Custom Proposal.

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