CEO & FOUNDER, STacey WIessbock

A lover of sailing, technology and true to her Austrian roots- passionate about anything outdoors & food that is local.  A problem solver, mentor, adventurer, animal lover, volunteer and proud nerd! She has not owned a tv or a car in over a decade, has two library cards and always has her passport.

Communications & Digital Design Specialist, Akelo Wade

Local, generous, driven and talented our newest team mate is supporting the digital rebrand of JOBssNOW! (Coming soon)


Intern, pursuing her Masters in corporate & org. Communications at NorthEAstern, Chih Jung Li

With Taiwanese roots, a global spirt, an open mind, this joyful online shopper and a love of Netflix joins the JOBssNOW team to improve her self-confidence, as well as to learn how to be a more effective relationship builder.