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Derrick Duplessy has helped startups generate $2.8M in revenue. As Founder of Duplessy Foundation, he is focused on helping women, immigrant, and minority founders master sales.

He's been featured on The Doctors TV show, Boston Globe and NPR.

JAY VILAR, Nourish

Former corporate executive turned nutritional therapist, Jay Vilar gave up the comforts & prestige of a corporate job to follow his passions in natural health healing and nutritional education.

He founded Nourish, LLC, a nutritional therapy company. The mission is to educate the world how to heal and optimize the body with food and lifestyle. The areas of health optimization, proper nutrition, and human potential have always been a passion for Jay. Founding Nourish was the combination of those 3 passions.

He studied nutrition with the Nutritional Therapy Association, where he was certified as a Nutritional Therapist Practitioner. He spends his time teaching people how to use food to heal their body, and speaks to businesses & conferences on how to optimize focus & productivity using nutritional science.

He hosts a weekly podcast called, Listen To Your Mother where he interviews mom’s who are holistic wellness influencers about their areas of expertise in healing through nutrition and lifestyle.


A passion driven Holistic Health Professional & Yoga Instructor with a background in women’s leadership and public policy. She specializes in coaching women (and men) on how to prioritize themselves and maintain work-life balance so they can reach their personal and professional goals simultaneously without burning out.

Learn more about Gianna and her programs, workshops, classes and online services or read her blog on her website.


Mo on his philosophy as a career coach.

"When it comes to creating a fulfilling career, I believe that greater self-awareness leads to better career decisions. In order to cultivate a better understanding of who you are and what you want, you must take the time to reflect on what is important to you and why. Next, you must have the courage to create a career that reflects those values. Career fulfillment is the experience of aligning your passions and skills with the value you bring to the world in the form of your work.

Ultimately my wish for you is that you have the courage to believe in yourself and follow your heart."


35+ years leading start-up technology teams, involved in three IPOs. Previously a VP of technology for Angie's List and Exact Target, Gary now is an Advisory Board Member and/or Board for various firms. He regularly consults with various technology startups as CTO, VP-Engineering or other similar executive capacity, in Boston, Chicago, New York and Indianapolis. Technology startups include: Bloomerang, 1Point Interactive, Millennial Services, Qcentive, Jisto, Bedrock Data, WebDPW


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